Cascada & Robin Stjernberg: ‘You’

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Eurovision 2013 buddies Cascada (Germany) and Robin Stjernberg (Sweden) have gotten together to record a duet for Cascada’s new acoustic album. An acoustic Cascada album – an odd concept at first, and not exactly high up on the list of acoustic albums you would expect. But actually, good on them for giving their fans something different.

The duet in question isn’t a new song, but rather Stjernberg’s own track from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest – ‘You’. So yeah, in terms of review there’s not a lot more to say other than “an acoustic version of ‘You’ by Robin Stjernberg”. But Christ it’s nice. A ballad version of a good song, with some female vocals now included in the mix. We’re glad that it’s had a little bit more of a lifespan, this song. And seasonally, this new version is quite the Winter warmer.

Listen to the duet below. And Cascada have even gone to the bother of making an official video for the song. Splicing together shots of Robin’s original ‘You’ video with additional footage of Natalie recording the song in her studio.

Oh, and we know this sort of defeats the whole object of an acoustic album, but we must say we’re kind of hoping that there’s a typically Cascada amyl-esque remix of this in the works. Now THAT would be ‘Glorious’.



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