Mohombi: ‘Universe’

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MO-MO-MOHOMBI has just gone and released a new single. It’s ‘Universe’! From his new album ‘Universe’! An album that we thought came out a few months back, but doesn’t appear to be on Swedish Spotify. So maybe it just came out in some countries. We’ve given up trying to work out territory restrictions, readers.

Anyway, it turns out that ‘Universe’ is actually Mohombi’s best song in ages! A massive return to form by the Swedish-Congolese superstar. It contains both a humongous chorus and a ginormous post-chorus – each accompanied by a large dose of strings. Christ, even some bagpipes appear for the final minute. The whole thing is very uplifting, thanks to a big singalong melody. Arms aloft, head back kinda stuff here.

Personally we thought that Mohombi had lost it a bit on the basis of the (lack in) quality of his previous two singles ‘Movin’ and ‘Summertime’. But no – ‘Universe’ proves that he can still be amazing when he puts his mind to it.

‘Universe’ is written by Mohombi himself, along with Ivar Lisinski, Gavin Jones and Chris Mhina. Ivar Lisinski is on production duties too.

Listen to ‘Universe’ below via Spotify or YouTube – whichever the territory restrictions allow……..

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