Carola, Sarah Dawn Finer, and LaGaylia – singing at church!

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Last Thursday night in Stockholm, we attended the Hopp för Haiti concert. Organised by Carola, it was a fundraiser and awareness raiser for the Haiti disaster. It took place in a large church and featured performances from Carola herself, Sarah Dawn Finer, LaGaylia, and some of Carola’s christian music star friends. Carola was a treat throughout – singing, dancing, encouraging audience participation, and just generally acting like a posessed church pastor! Amazing. Some of the highlights were towards the end when all of the performers got together and performed group songs like ‘We Are The World’, ‘Pride (In The Name of Love)’, and ‘Man In The Mirror’. It was during these that Carola really came into her own – she looked in her element as she ran from artist to artist, singing with them, holding their hands, guiding and encouraging them. It was heartening to see how much passion and belief she had in her faith and in the cause. She was beaming with genuine love and pride the whole way through. And we were very honoured to finally meet the lady herself after the concert finished.

Highlight of the show for us though, were Sarah Dawn Finer’s performances. She did a stunning acoustic version of ‘Moving On’, and a couple of other tracks on her own. Then she did a beautiful version of ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’ with Carola and the choir. But of course Carola’s performances were great too. She sang ‘Jag Ger Allt’, ‘Så Länge Jag Lever’, ‘Tro’, and a brand new song she’s recorded as a charity single for Haiti, ‘The Wings of Compassion’.

Here are some photos we took at the event;

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