This year’s Norwegian Eurovision representative Carl Espen yesterday released the follow-up single to his Eurovision song ‘Silent Storm’. It’s ‘Holding On’.

If you liked what came before, then you should well like what’s followed too. It’s another emotional ballad. Although not QUITE as delicate and haunting as ‘Silent Storm’. That’s probably a good thing though – he doesn’t need to be labelled as a one trick pony so early on in his career. So yes – still a megaballad, but mixing it up a bit. This one actually raises the tempo quite a bit too. And it allows Carl’s voice to be accompanied by a lot more music and a greater selection of instruments this time too. That voice is still a scene stealer though.

DID YOU KNOW?! ‘Silent Storm’ got to number 97 in the UK singles chart following his performance at Eurovision.

Here’s ‘Holding On’;

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