VIDEO: Eric Saade – ‘Saade’ (EP Live Sessions)

If 2016 was the year of reinvention for Eric Saade, then 2017 is looking like the year when he takes that reinvention – and everyone’s awareness of it – to the very next level. Last week it was announced that he will be participating in this year’s series of Så Mycket Bättre. Which means six new Saade releases later in the year, prime time Saturday night TV exposure for them, and most likely generating tens of millions of new streams for him. Exciting stuff.

In the meantime, he’s not yet done with his current EP. At the end of last month he announced that he would be releasing videos of live sessions that he’s done for each of the songs – putting out one song at a time. First up it was the EP’s opening number ‘How Do You Like Me Now’, and BIG hit ‘Wide Awake’, and then the record’s ballad ‘Heart of a Lion’. Last week he released the session for the EP’s lead single ‘Colors’. And today it’s the final track, and the full EP. ‘Darkest Hour’. 

Watch below, and you can check out the ‘Saade’ EP right here.

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