Bra Vibrationer…

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Yesterday we arrived back to Sweden after a few days away. And on the journey back from the airport, had a quick look at the the Swedish iTunes chart to see what people had been buying while we’d been away. If any new smashes had infiltrated the hit parade.

And just LOOK at what we found in the top 3…

New? No.

A smash? ALWAYS, as far as we’re concerned!

But why on earth had a great deal of Swedes descended to our levels of pop appreciation and finally realised that ‘Papaya Coconut’ is a gem of a song that no mp3 collection is complete without?

Well, it’s all down to twitter really. Kikki has been using twitter since May, but one Swedish journalist, Jonas Adner, had noticed that Kikki’s tweets had been becoming increasingly sad, depressing, and bluesy. So, to cheer her up, he launched an internet campaign on his blog to get Kikki Danielsson to number 1 again. Specifically, ‘Papaya Coconut’, on the iTunes chart. And specifically the 90’s Dr Albarn remix. He urged everyone to get downloading the classic, and heartwarmingly, they did just that! Enough to make it go number 1 too.


Kikki’s happy again.

And so will you be, if you take a listen to the original, which has also found itself charting a couple of times at the lower end of the top 100 over the last few days.

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