Blame It On Who?!

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Bad news Gathania fans. Hard2Beat have made the decision to postpone the release of ‘Blame It On You’. Instead of its original release date of late June, they are now going to unleash the single in late summer/early autumn. This they say, is because they want more time to build the track through promotion. Gathania will be moving to the UK over the summer to do the club pa circuit, and to possibly get some gigs on the summer holiday resort circuit too! So with all being well, there should be plenty of opportunities to see her until ‘Blame It On You’ is finally available to buy.

It should be noted though, that this decision was made earlier this week, when Hard2Beat were still reeling over the relative floppage of their most recent scandipop release, ‘In The Heat of the Night’ by Star Pilots. Their minds may change when they see the triumphant success that Agnes has achieved this week with ‘Release Me’ (number 3 in the midweeks and number 1 on iTunes just this morning, but more on that later!). Radio will probably be all over the next scandipoppet to bring out a single in the UK after Agnes – which would have been Gathania had Hard2Beat stuck to the late June release date!

In any case though, comfort should be derived from the fact that Hard2Beat are highly committed to Gathania. Their aim is to release another single after ‘Blame It On You’, and then an album. An album sampler is being worked on as we type, two tracks of which we’ve heard and can confirm that they’re very brilliant indeed! All is good in Gathania camp, even if this release date change doesn’t get reversed.

However, if you’re still feeling a bit upset over the news and your Gathania withdrawl symptoms have already begun, head on over to, where they’ve just uploaded an interview with the beauty!

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