Giving us more Bass!

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Basshunter has been generously lending out his knob skills. The Swedish super sonic scientist has gone and produced a diamond of a pop track for a Romanian lady called Alina. It’s basically a reworking of O-Zone’s ‘Dragostea Din Tei’, and given the success of the original, and its recent remake by TI and Rihanna, Basshunter and Alina’s version has already become a huge hit on youtube, with over 3 million views of the video embedded below.


It’s coming out in the UK in May through one of our favourite new record labels – Fever Pitch Records. Fever Pitch is an old label that’s been resurrected as a sister label by Positiva, itself a subsidiary of EMI. We’re already a fan of them because they’re the label responsible for releasing ‘Chemistry’ by Velvet in the UK in April. And its mission statement is a promise to ‘’launch an onslaught of pop monstors’’! We can see this doing quite well in the UK, given the right push. Firstly, anything touched by Basshunter seems to turn to gold on these shores anyway. Secondly, the original was a massive hit here back in 2003, despite the obvious language barrier – and this version has (amazing) English lyrics, with Alina telling us exactly who she is and what she’s all about! And thirdly, the video insinuates the right measure of promiscuity bordering on prostitution that usually guarantees dance tracks a fair bit of television airplay in the UK.


Fever Pitch have already started commissioning UK remixers and there’s a Jason Nevins mix on the way too! Hear the track, see the lady, and ogle the flesh below;

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