Björk: ‘Crystalline’

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The almighty Björk is all set to return with her 7th studio album soon. She’s titled the hugely anticipated set ‘Biophilia’. And while we’re of course excited, we’re really hoping it’s a return to Björk churning out ACTUAL songs, as opposed to those bizarre sounds she put together as records for her last couple of albums. They were of course met with some critical acclaim, and some fans even prefer them to her earlier work, but we, and the majority of her fans it has to be said, are really hoping for a return to the form of the likes of ‘Homegenic’, ‘Post’, or even ‘Vesperetine’.

Well, the album’s single has appeared and it’s most certainly a step in the right direction. It’s the quite gorgeous ‘Crystalline’. It’s a tamer, calmer version of one of the more mid-tempo numbers on her ‘Homogenic’ album. Not so big on the melody (although perhaps that will come with a few more listens), but definitely up there in terms of production. And we especially love the last mental minute of Drum & Bass!

You can have a listen in full at this link here.

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