PULS: ‘Platin’

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Danish pop boys PULS are back with a new single. And with it, a creepy video.

We came on here to talk about the song of course as it’s quite brill, but we’ll get to that later. First though, we MUST discuss that video. It’s wonderfully icky. Taking the whole pop stalkerdom thing to the next level. Grim. And even at times a bit scary. And that dog food part almost made us throw up a little. But the finished result is a great concept executed fantastically. We like it when pop goes a little bit dark.

And speaking of pop going a little bit darker, that’s precisely what the song itself achieves too. ‘Platin’ sees PULS evolve from fronting pop songs to putting out a full blown dance track. It’s not the sort of song you’d expect from gazing at the single cover above, let’s put it that way. It’s an explosive rave number that you would expect to be the latest hit from a faceless but famous Danish dance producer and DJ. But no, it’s the new single from those quite sweet looking boys you see before you.

New fans of PULS, also check out two other great tracks of theirs, ‘Ingen Som Du‘ and ‘Lad Det SlĂ„‘.

Platin - EP - Puls



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