Swedish pop strumpet Belle has today released her brand new single with her brand new sound – the massive dance track that is ‘Sister’s Anthem’.

What we love most about this song is the fact that it’s a normally very pop girl, glamming up, getting suitably intoxicated, and going house clubbing until the early hours – or rather the actually quite late hours the following afternoon. It sounds more Swedish House Mafia than it does Belle. In fact, the extended mix came on our iPod via a playlist shuffle earlier this week, and we absent mindedly thought it was an edit of the most recent Swedish House Mafia single for the first twenty seconds or so.

Although of course when we say that it sounds more Swedish House Mafia than Belle, we’re neglegting to take into consideration that this is actually what Belle sounds like from now. The next few releases will tell.

‘Sister’s Anthem’, as the title suggests, is a female empowering call to arms in a similar lyrical fashion to the likes of ‘Run The World (Girls)’. This culminates in a twisted rap middle eight, with the vaguest hints of dubstep. It’s all quite splendid, and possibly our favourite part.

The song has been written by Linda Sonnvik, Adam Robinson, and Thomas Karlsson, with a final production polish courtesy of Mike Moorish. As of now, it’s a Scandinavia only release, but more countries will follow soon. And there’s also a remix EP coming out shortly.

Belle will be giving the first performance of ‘Sister’s Anthem’ as part of her big show at Stockholm Pride on Wednesday evening. But today, as well as the single being released, she’s also put out a lyric video;

Sisters Anthem - Single - Belle



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