Belle is back this week – a mere two weeks after her last release! ‘Tis in fact a new version of the same song, ‘Attraction’. But this time with legendary Swedish producer and remixer SoundFactory on board, to give it a new sense of identity, and a harder edge.

He’s delightfully – and predictably – turned the song into more of a floor filler. What was before now a slightly retro flavoured pop track, has become an electrified dance number. Bizarrely, whether intentional or not, he’s actually managed to make a song that echoed late 90s pop into something which has more in common with the late 80s. And so it’s quite nice to have the two versions, each offering a different facet.

It’s unusual for SoundFactory to come on board as a featured artist on a song, preferring instead to simply provide and be credited as the standard ‘SoundFactory remix’. But in his own words, “I keep myself in the background normally, but this tune just turned out differently. It felt more and more as a stand-alone track instead of a plain remix“.

Listen to what he means, below.

‘Attraction’ is out now and has been released outside of Sweden too.


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