Basshunter’s best video yet…

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Basshunter has unleashed the video for the second single from his Bass Generation album. ‘I Promised Myself’ is our favourite Basshunter single so far. Most people will hear it as an updated version of the Nick Kamen classic from the eighties, but we think of it as an updated take on the definitive version of the track – done by A*Teens in 2004! Really, it sounds exactly how you’d expect a Jonas Altberg makeover of the track to sound.

The accompanying vid carries on the story that all Basshunter videos have had. But we like this one more than the rest because it’s got a bit of heart to it, rather than just the usual tits and arse. It sees Jonas rush to see his hospitalised lady, and flashbacks of their lives together (previous videos) come to him, causing him to look very heart wrenched. And Jonas Altberg looking heartbroken about something, is akin to a sad kitten – it upsets us! So we were with him all the way in this video!

Note to Hard2Beat – can we have the genius Kaci cover, ‘I Will Learn To Love Again’ as the next single please?!

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