Basshunter: ‘Northern Light’ – the video

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Basshunter debuted his brand new single ‘Northern Light’ last weekend, via a live performance on UK TV. And now this weekend he’s released the video for it.

In the video, the Aylar Lie character (from his previous videos) is back. Although we kind of wish they hadn’t bothered. She’s still behaving like a twat, and the video ends with yet another ‘cliffhanger’ drama. It’s all getting a bit tired now, and that’s to those who hadn’t already tired of it long before now. And unfortunately the contrived video shines a whole new light on the song too – it looking more like him taking a few steps back rather than forward.

It’s a shame – with 2010’s ‘Saturday’ single, Basshunter really seemed to have moved up a level from what had gone before. To our ears it was his best track to date, and even the video saw him do something new. Now with the arrival of this morning’s video, we can’t help but be hit with the feeling that ‘Northern Light’ takes him back somewhere that’s a little stale. And yes, we’re aware of what it looks like analyzing the artistic merits of Basshunter, but we like him. We hope that this does well for him – if only for the chance that he has another ‘Saturday’ in him somewhere.

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