Back on track….like a heart attack?!

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Yes, that really is being passed off as a song lyric these days!!!

mWe’ll ignore that rather disturbing analogy though, as it’s a small part of a much larger picture – the song ‘Hurricane’ by Swedish dance act, Baby Alice. It’s their comeback single in which they declare to be ”back again like a hurricane”, and indeed, ”back on track like a heart attack”! It’s their first release since they were signed to Warner Music Sweden for a year in 2007. In the summer of that year they released a moderately sized hit called ‘Mr DJ’ (not a cover of the S.O.A.P. classic unfortunately), which became quite big in parts of Asia and Eastern Europe. They then parted ways with Warner, but they’ve been snapped up again by Catchy Tunes, and ‘Hurricane’ is the first fruit of that collaboration.

They instantly draw comparisons with the likes of E-Type, Basic Element, and Waldo’s People, largely because they follow the same formula for hit making – a vocodored male rap makes up the verses, and an insanely catchy melody is delivered by a large lunged female for the chorus, and all of this is set to a hard Eurodance backing track. But we love ‘Hurricane’ because it’s slightly poppier than Baby Alice’s counterparts. The chorus actually sounds like it could be lifted from a Da Buzz song, or even Aqua! And we can’t think of a much higher praise than that!

Here’s the accompanying pop vid;

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