A Decent Matter

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6168341141 e609a55e64 z1Martin Rolinski graced Swedish TV again this morning – this time popping up on Efter Tio.

He turned in an acoustic performance of ‘Blame It On A Decent Matter’. You all know how we feel about this acoustic lark that either the Swedish television industry or the Swedish music industry insist on thrusting upon us (or perhaps it’s both – the conspiracies might not be as simple as we think). However, we will forgive this one because it’s the first time we’ve seen Martin perform ‘Blame It On A Decent Matter’ acoustically. Therefore, to our ears it’s a new way to enjoy the song. And what a brilliantly enjoyable song ‘Blame It On A Decent Matter’ has turned out to still be, three months on.

You can watch the acoustic performance below, and see the song performed in all its electronic glory here.

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