Axwell, but could be Axbetter!

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Swedish superstar DJ, Axwell, releases a new single next month called ‘Nothing But Love’. The instrumental club track has been floating around online for a few months now, but yesterday his UK label uploaded a clip of the radio edit, with vocals.

Hmmm, normally with these sort of tracks, we prefer the vocal version. But we’re just not feeling the radio edit at all. The original is just so much more euphoric, and well, better! Obviously we know the point of a radio edit is to appeal to radio listeners as opposed to clubbers, but we do feel that the amazing club track could still have been made into an amazing radio edit, with a better top line. The exisiting top line seems to distract from the best bits of the music, rather than compliment or accentuate them.

Oh well, we’re still loving the original. You can listen to both below, the club original is first, radio edit second.

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