You wait literally YEARS for a new Annie song to come along, and then two arrive within the same week.

Following her collaboration with Ralph Myerz, ‘Take A Look At The World‘, Annie has today premiered her actual new single, ‘Tube Stops & Lonely Hearts’. It’s the one we’ve been waiting for, not just generally over the last couple of years, but also since she announced it would be coming out before the end of March, back in March.Now though, at the end of April, Annie has finally deemed us worthy to cast our ears over her new sonic spoils. And she’s uploaded a video over on her website. Which you can now watch below on our website.

The song has a touch of the 90s to it. Actually it’s more like a fist. And so it really does touch the sides. The production is the breakout star here, along with Annie’s “na-na-na-na-na-na” vocal riff. THERE ARE HAND CLAPS.

The single is released next Wednesday, May 1st. Credits: Xenomania, Ville Hamala, and Timo Kaukolampi.


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