Daniela: ‘Love Me Enough To Lie’

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We do love a Swedish songstress with a penchant for making music to dance to. Daniela is one of such breed and so it’s always pleasing to hear she’s back with a new single.


She’s back with a new single!

‘Love Me Enough To Lie’ is the song in question, coming not just with a reliable artist, but with a high caliber of songwriters behind it too. Written by Niclas Kings, Didrik Thott, and Sharon Vaughn, and produced by Niclas Kings, it fits right in with the best of what’s come before from Daniela. The verses are probably her tranciest to date, with the chorus bringing things right back to pop. And there’s a great big chunk of piano thrown in there for that extra element of dancefloor ecstasy.

American readers will be pleased to hear that she’s actually bypassing Sweden and going straight to the US and Canada to release ‘Love Me Enough To Lie’ first. It’s released over there via Robbins Entertainment on January 31st, with a worldwide release to follow a few weeks later.

Welcome back Daniela – don’t leave us for so long next time!

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