Amy Diamond: ‘Sommaren Är Här’

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amydiamondsommaren The vocals of a one Amy Diamond have finally been put back to record. Taking a break from her hairdressing course (yes, really!), she’s returned to the studio to turn out brand new song ‘Sommaren Är Här’ (The Summer Is Here).

It’s not strictly a new single. Instead it’s a charity affair. Amy sings lyrics that were written by kiddies at Astrid Lindgren’s childrens hospital. And they join her in the choir on the song.

It’s…..y’know….sweet, and all that.

Quite how you show your support to the charity song, we’re not sure – as we can’t seem to find it on iTunes. Oh well – where there’s a will there’s a way. So if you’d like to support the charity, we’ll leave it in your capable hands to work out how. For now though, here’s the song;


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