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But wait a minute, isn’t this?… Yeah, yes it is. Swedish trio CADEM have finally released the studio version of the English version of the song which they competed with in the Icelandic national semi final for Eurovision, but which they translated into English for the national final. To cut a long story short – here’s the brilliant ‘Fly’.
What’s it like? For the uninitiated, it’s a three minute portion of modern day disco and futuristic funk pop. Some of us might have heard this song for the first time back in February, but now that the studio version has arrived it’s dawned on us that it’s a perfect pop song for the summer months.
It would have been a perfect Eurovision song too. Yeah, don’t get us started on that.
More from CADEM? They promised us this week that they have been working in the studio in Stockholm with some of our favourite writers and producers – recording a plethora of pop gems that we’ll inevitably be salivating over later in the year.
GOOD. And they’ve put together this home video for ‘Fly’ – cataloguing the unique experience that is participating in a national song contest for Eurovision.


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