Alida: ‘Feathers’

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Amazing debut single and thus exciting debut artist ALERT!

We’re talking about brand new Norwegian singer Alida, and her first foray into music, ‘Feathers’, which was released this week in Norway and is already top 10 on iTunes. And understandably so. This is electropop with a stark emphasis on the POP!

Highlights are the “we won’t let gravity, WON’T let gravity wi-in” chorus, which then turns into a euphoric “I’m gonna sing like no one’s listening, I’m gonna dance like no one’s watching” post-chorus thing which actually just turns out to be still the same chorus as it then all goes back to the “we won’t let gravity, WON’T let gravity win” part.

But the verses are not without merits of their own, and nor is the Robyn-pop-lite production.

It’s all just so exasperatingly good!

We don’t *quite* know how Scandinavia manages to keep churning these women out, but that’s probably for the best really as otherwise this website might just implode 🙁


Feathers - Single - Alida


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