Danish pop singer Nabiha has started to see her star rise a little internationally in 2012. And the latest benefactor in all of this is the UK, who are getting a release of ‘Never Played The Bass’ along with a sizable remix EP. One mix in particular is doing the business for us – the Wideboys remix.

The phrase “even better than the original” can be dusted off and used here, without any hesitance. We love the original (see here), but the Wideboys give it the invigorating kick up the backside that we never even knew it needed. It sounds fresher, punchier, dancier, and above all  – improved. All while staying completely loyal to the already fab original. And it’s reinforced that “ba-ba-ba, ba ba ba-ba-ba” refrain in our head. Result.

The whole remix EP is out on UK iTunes now. And look – they’ve even gone and synced the best of the lot to the song’s video;

Never Played the Bass (Remixes) - Nabiha



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