THIS! It feels like we’ve been waiting ages for this to arrive. Years in fact. But this week it finally did. Therese’s brand new EP ‘Missing Disco’.
What’s on it? 7 tracks, including her recent single ‘Missing Disco’, the Alesso remix of her 2010 hit ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’, and another song which she previewed recently – ‘Another Minute’.
As yes – ‘Another Minute’ is a bit special, isn’t it? ‘Another Minute’ is incredible. One of the best things Therese has ever done. If September were still around today, we’d want her to sound like this. She’s not. But Therese is!
Any other highlights on there? Yes. The 80s inspired electro sci-fi rave-up that is ‘Heroes’ is pretty amazing. We’ve never heard Therese sing a chorus like that. It’s been a great couple of weeks for Swedish songs called ‘Heroes’.
Therese is right about due a Greatest Hits album by now isn’t she? She definitely is. But there ain’t one. So we’ve created one on Spotify instead. It’s called ‘THErese’. And here it is. Apologies for the glaring omission of ‘Time’ – it’s not on Swedish Spotify (sort it out Tre!).


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