What’s this? Swedish duo Klara & Jag Are out with their debut album, which is rather exciting. This is ‘Det Slutar Inte Här’.
What does that mean? It Doesn’t End Here.
OMG that makes me so happy. Same.
What’s on it? Nine tracks, one of which is an intro. The album contains three of their earlir singles – ‘Calpe’, ‘Åh Fan’, and the brilliant ‘Aska’, which was on our playlist for the duration of the summer.
What are the new tracks like? By their own admission, they’ve scrubbed off a little of the glitter from their sound (and trust – there was, like, a LOT of glitter there), but if anything, that has merely resulted in more facets of their sound being able to shine. We do have one new fave in particular, however. Head to ‘Vår Tid Nu’, and get your absolute life. We’re also fans of the chilled disco sounds of the title track, which closes the record.
What do Klara & Jag say? “Our previous songs were written at a time when we had a more teenage view, and were about the sentiments of feeling let down by the world. This record reflects a different side, a more reflective and self-critical one. But the disco strings are still there!
More from Klara & Jag? For Baby Klara och Baby Jag check out their debut EP from a couple of years back – ‘Storyn Of My Life‘.

You can find ‘Vår Tid Nu’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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