ALBUM: Julie Bergan – ‘Hard Feelings: Ventricle 1’ (EP)

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What’s this? The brand-new EP from Norwegian artist Julie Bergan. The first of two-parts. ‘Hard Feelings’.
What does Julie say? “‘Hard Feelings’ means feelings of resentment. If you’d translate it directly to Norwegian it’d be ‘powerful’ and ‘strong feelings’. As a person I always feel in a very strong way — whether it’s positive or negative. For the past year I’ve felt so many new and unknown feelings which I haven’t really understood or known how to react to. After I started taking notes, from the most random little thought or dream I had at night to the biggest, most overwhelming feelings that just changes you – I felt like something started to detach. Sometimes it felt redemptive and almost like healing — putting words to something bad I felt inside. Other times it was a way of telling a fun story I heard, to escape reality for a little while. In some ways it was also the perfect way to document a day or time I felt like everything was going to be fine! A day when I felt really good about myself and the future. All the songs on these two EPs are written throughout the past year, and it feels so good to finally share it with you — while everything is still so fresh! I hope people will get to know me a little better and feel the HARD FEELINGS with me. No matter if it’s through crying or dancing!”
What’s on part one? Four songs. The single ‘Crazy Enough’, the big ballad ‘Blessed With A Broken Heart’, the FIERCE r&b-esque track ‘Hard Feelings’ and the hot synth-pop tune ‘Bored’.
Any faves? ‘Bored’ really is Julie Bergan at her absolute best. Which, as you may well know by now, is pretty damn awesome. But the whole thing is an excellent encapsulation of one of our absolute favourite artists of the last couple of years. Long may she continue.

You can find ‘Bored’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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