And it’s? ‘Yes’ by Ben & Tan for Denmark.
And is it a ‘Yes’ from Scandipop? It most definitely is. The best song won last night in Denmark’s Melodi Grand Prix, no doubt about it. Well done, Great Danes.
What was the performance like? Odd, given that it was performed to an empty arena (audience attendance was cancelled amid Coronavirus fears). So the whole thing seemed more like a rehearsal, minus the energy from any crowd. But that’s not their fault, nor the fault of their performance.
How will it do at Eurovision? An infectiously joyous bop, such as it is, is definitely going to stand out amongst the sea of ballads in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. A happy clap-along will be welcome amidst all that misery. And we reckon this is a surefire qualifier to the final.
Written by? Emil Lei, Linnea Deb and Jimmy Jansson

You can find ‘Yes’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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