ALBUM: ISA – ‘Debut Album’

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That’s a snappy title for a debut album. Well after seven years of releasing music (we first wrote about ISA seven years ago to this very day, on May 29th 2012), the act of finally getting around to releasing your first album, must make you want to shout it from the rooftops. And so here it is, spelled out to you by the lady herself – the first album from ISA, ‘Debut Album’.
What’s on it? 13 tracks – made up of singles old, singles new, and brand-new tracks.
What does ISA say? “My ”Debut Album” really shows my journey last three years, including different experiences, emotions and reflections. It is a crazy feeling releasing a whole work of art, of which I love all 13 songs. I have never been this proud about something I’ve created, because it truly feels like me, transferred into music. And the fact that my brother is the main producer of the album, and that my boyfriend has co-written 4 of the songs together with me, makes the album even more special. The artist and songwriter Garren Edwards, who’s featuring two of the songs and wrote 5 of the songs has inspired me a lot when it comes to my sound and the way of using my voice. I really feel that this is the start of my adult sound and career, and I hope people will love it as much as I do.”
Highlights please! THERE ARE SO MANY, where do we start?! Ok, let’s start with what we’ve featured on here before. ‘Perfect’, released two years ago, clearly set the tone of the sound and style she was going to be working on henceforth, and still sounds as fresh as it did back then. ‘Shy’ still slaps. ‘Craving’, sitting amongst the rest of the songs on here, sounds almost like a hint towards what her second album is gonna be sounding like (let’s call it ‘Second Album’, for now). And ‘After You’ is one of the most beautiful ballads we’ve heard in recent years – it’s an absolute stunner, and we’re never gonna tire of it. And as for the new songs, we’re picking out ‘Settle On Love’, ‘Conversation’ and ‘Do What You Want’ as our early faves. But do yourself a favour, and listen to the whole thing.

You can find ‘Settle On Love’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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