ALBUM: Crew Of Me&You – ‘Home Free’ (EP)

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Who? So, you know the iconic Swedish band The Sounds? Well now the two founding members – Maja Ivarsson and Felix Rodriguez – have gone and formed a brand-new duo Crew Of Me&You. For the sole purpose of pursuing a new sound that they didn’t really want to do with The Sounds, as it wouldn’t have sounded quite right. This is their debut EP, ‘Home Free’.
What’s on it? Six introductory tracks, including the single ‘Come Out And Play’.
What does it sound like? A lot! But if we had to summarise, we’d applaud Maja and Felix for the fact that while everyone else right now is looking to either the 80s or 90s for sonic inspiration, these two have skipped forward a decade and gone for that glorious era in the mid-00s when everyone was obsessed with ELECTROCLASH!!!
What are the best songs? Do not sleep on a single track on here. Every one of them is of top quality – all belonging to the same sound, but each one distinctly different to the next. Treat yoourself to a rare-in-this-day-and-age full listen to the whole thing.
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