He’s back! With a brand new single and video, released today (well – the video is released today, the single will be on Spotify soon). It’s Boris René and ‘Give It To Me’.
What’s it like? Mercifully, despite having been away for a while, he’s not changed his sound all that much. And those who fell in love with him after ‘Put Your Love On Me’, will find plenty to fall in love with on ‘Give It To Me’.
What does the man himself say? “Music has been with me ever since I was a child. I grew up in a family where we all loved Michael Jackson. Singing and dancing came naturally right from the start, and when I was 20 I felt it was time – I was ready to go all in. It eventually meant leaving soccer – another passion in my life – behind. It wasn’t easy to make that choice. But to inspire people with music – to give everything you got and see the audience smiling, dancing and singing along – fills me with incredible joy and energy! What a feeling to spread a little soul and get so much back. Hope to see you soon out there!”
Keep it coming, Boris! With the swish production on his new music video, we’re hoping this means he’s got plenty more planned for us!

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