She’s returned!

We’ve all been fawning over that MQ recording of her performing her new single live for over a month now. Imagining what it’s going to sound like in full and glorious studio quality. And finally this week, on Wednesday the 21st, Agnes releases ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’. It’s being sent out to Swedish radio stations on Monday, but before that – HERE AND NOW – Agnes is gifting fans with a 30 second preview of the track.

And she’s doing it exclusively through! What a darling.

Let’s not delay things then shall we…….

That’s a 30 second taste of a 3 minute and 49 second song. A song that’s an astonishing showcase of some seriously immense synths and strings. The combination of sounds throughout demand to be noticed and admired. The filthy electro intro, the first verse which brings the squelching synths and air straddling strings together for the first time, the chorus which you can hear above, the dreamy middle eight, the euphoric final chorus, and the instrumental outro which extends the song to a contented conclusion.

It’s like a natural progression from ‘Release Me’ – it’s the sound of that song having matured three years. And since it’s that song that defines what has come before from Agnes, this all makes PERFECT sense!

We’ve been waiting a very long time for this – and we’re not disappointed. Cheers, Agnes!

We’re going to be having a chat with the lady herself on Monday morning. So if you’ve got any questions that you’d like us to ask her, drop us an email at

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