A nice long chat with Robyn!

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So – this Robyn exclusive we mentioned earlier this week….

Well, UK music TV channel, Chart Show TV, have done a riveting little interview with her to promote her new single ‘Indestructible’ and its parent album ‘Body Talk’. They screened it for the first time on Sunday evening and for the last time this afternoon. And now they’ve given scandipop.co.uk the online exclusive screening of it until they pop it onto their own youtube channel next month!

So you can click on the links below to see Robyn chat about the creative process that went into the ‘Body Talk’ album campaign, her relationship with her older material, what is was like working with Max Martin again, her album release plans for 2011 (”one album, maybe two, but not three again!”), and her plans for how she’s gonna spend Christmas. Plus a lot more besides! Most pleasing of all though, is that she confirms what we all thought anyway – that ‘Body Talk pt3’ is meant to be the big pop climax of the whole project. And she stresses how important it is that pop moments can exist alongside what’s considered to be more credible music. Yes, we always knew that Robyn was on the same page as her fans, but it’s great to see it confirmed by the lady herself!

The interview is split into four parts, and runs for a total of around 12 minutes. Each of them is password protected – just type in ‘scandipoprobyn‘ and you’re all good to go!

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

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