A glimpse of Måns in Romeo och Julia…

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Early last year, Måns Zelmerlöw launched a nationwide televised search for a girl to play the female in a new musical he was starring in – the Juliet to his Romeo. He found her in Lisette Pagler and the show opened to good reviews in Stockholm last month. We haven’t been to see it yet, despite the presence of the lovely Måns, but last night a small section of the show was televised on SVT at the Idrottsgalan in Globen.

It starts off as a quite beautiful Swedish language version of ‘Mad World’ sung by Måns, but then it all goes a bit ridiculous, descending into bizarre musical mediocrity and madness. It returns to being quite good at the end though, when Måns and Lisette come together for a Swedish language rendition of ‘The Power Of Love’ – ending with a kiss! Måns looks more bedraggled than his usual handsome and preened self, but it’s worth a watch if you’re a fan anyway.

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