Norway’s 3 big ones!……

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Norway presented the 30 second clips to the songs in Heat 2 of their Melodi Grand Prix on Monday morning. The heat takes place Saturday night, but full versions of the songs are now on youtube to stream, after they were played on Norwegian radio this morning. And here are the three that you NEED to concern yourself with!

Hanne Sørvaag is the absolute best of bunch. ‘You’re Like A Melody’ has a beautiful tune to it, the chorus is divine. Bright and breezy guitar pop. If Tone Damli’s ‘Butterflies’ was the massive hit it was, then this should by rights be even bigger. And we hope that it will be.
(FYI, Hanne is also involved in THE best chorus of 2011 so far – she co-wrote ‘The Rest Is History’ on the new Same Difference album of the same name, along with Tony Nilsson)

‘Allergic’ by Mimi Blix is a FILTHY electro pop dance track. Big on bass, big on topline synths, and on production. In contrast to Hanne Sørvaag, the music outshines any sort of the melody, but when the music is that good, you cease to care about melody!

This is crazy. But so wrong, it’s right! A whole load of fun involving barmy lyrics that are mostly sung, occasionally wailed, and once or twice sound like they’re being vomited out (check the outro if you don’t believe us)! This is gonna look amazing on stage. And there are two key changes to boot too.

While you’re at it, you simply must check out one of the songs that will compete in Heat 2 of Iceland’s national selection for Eurovision this weekend. We posted the link on Monday, but just in case you couldn’t be bothered listening then, LISTEN NOW! It’s amazing stuff. ‘Nótt’ by Yohanna.

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