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Infernal are back with their new album Electric Cabaret. Despite having had deservedly huge success in their native Denmark, their achievements outside of home have been sporadic at best. ‘From Paris To Berlin’ was obviously a huge hit almost everywhere it was released, but they found it a lot more difficult to follow that up, with different countries taking a shine to different singles, none on the scale of ‘From Paris To Berlin’. The new album has the misfortune of being lead by their most forgettable single in three years, ‘Downtown Boys’ (although it’s still a good song, but should have remained an album track). Excitement about their return made ‘Downtown Boys’ a big hit in Denmark, but another song from the album could have done a lot better for them. Second single from the LP, ‘Whenever You Need Me’, is a lot better, but is let down by a riff that is far too similar to September’s ‘Cry For You’ and leaves ‘Whenever You Need Me’ sounding like an inferior rip off (but listen out for an excellent remix by The Mac Project for the UK market).

 200px ECabaret

It would be a shame to let those two admittedly major errors put you off the rest of the album though. While not as ‘potential hit’ heavy as the near flawless second edition of the ‘From Paris To Berlin’ album, the aptly named ‘Electric Cabaret’ is still a quality record of the dance/pop genre. Definitely consistent, with each track having something uniquely catchy about it, it’s an album that you can listen to without skipping any track. It stays faithful to the sound of ‘From Paris To Berlin’ while experimenting with more theatrical synth beats and melodies – as the title suggests. It is to ‘From Paris To Berlin’ what fellow Danes’ Aqua’s ‘Aquarius’ was to ‘Aquarium’ if you will!


Well that’s worth a feeling of relief.


Standout Tracks;

Because Uhh

Days Full Of Loving

Back To Youth


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