Zhala – the first signing to Robyn’s Konichiwa Records (aside from the great lady herself) has today followed up February’s premier release through Konichiwa, ‘Prophet’, with new single ‘I’m In Love’.

‘I’m In Love’ – it’s an ever-so-dreamy and spaced out piece of electronica that’s had its tempo ramped up to induce the sweats. As such, it’s a bit of a head fuck. But less so than ‘Prophet’ was. And it’s all made hugely enjoyable by a gorgeous production, and some surprisingly sing-song melodies from Zhala herself. Our only gripe here is that it’s too short. Although we suspect/hope that this is because the below audio you hear is taken from its radio premiere of P1 Radio in Sweden last week. Hopefully there’s at the very least an extended edit once the single comes out. She can’t give us something this pretty yet so frustratingly short.

‘I’m In Love’ is Zhala’s first new release since that ‘Prophet’ EP earlier this year. She promises that her first full album will be released in the beginning of 2015.

I’m In Love;

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