A few weeks ago Zara Larsson popped up on Idol to perform a new version of her current single ‘Bad Boys’ on Swedish Idol. It was pretty damn good. Turning what was a Beyonce-esque minimalist r&b track into a Lana Del Rey-esque cinematic ballad kinda thing.

The response was so good, that yesterday she released it as a single. Or perhaps that was the plan all along. Either way though – amazing.

The Lana De Rey production is a lot more evident in the instrumental that was released as a part of the single yesterday. And that’s because Zara’s pipes take over. Although on this version, the melody is a lot more powerful than on the original. Same melody, mind – it just lets itself be heard more here.

Here’s the original, lest we forget.

Below you can watch her perform the new version on Idol, and here’s the 90 sec preview that’s streaming on Swedish iTunes;

[audio:https://www.scandipop.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Bad-Boys-preview.mp3|titles=Bad Boys preview]



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