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This Sunday in Sweden is the national election. Normally we wouldn’t dream of mentioning politics on here, however, our interest has been ignited. Sweden being Sweden, and Swedes being Swedes – some of the political parties are using SCHLAGER in an effort to get people’s votes! Honestly!

Folkpartiet (a right wing liberal party) have commissioned one of their supporters, Mikael Wendt, to compose a song especially for their cause. Mikael is a schlager songwriter and producer, and amongst other tracks, he’s written ‘Fyra Bugg Och En Coca-Cola’ for Lotta Engberg, and produced ‘Take Me To Your Heaven’ for Charlotte Perrelli. The song he’s composed for the election is ‘Ja Till Framtiden’ (Yes To The Future).

Vansterpartiet (a left-wing socialist party) have enlisted the help of former Melodifestivalen and Fame Factory participant, Andres Esteche to record a brand new song ‘Robin Hoods Vänner’ (Robin Hood’s Friends). This is much more traditionally schlager, and has a super cheesy chorus that we quite like. The party has made it available as a free mp3 download. Just right click this link and choose save, and it’s yours!

Fredrick+FederleyFinally, Centre Party politician, and member of Swedish parliament since 2006, Fredrick Federley, took to Swedish television the weekend before last to participate in the show Dansfeber. His chosen song to perform? Eric Saade’s ‘Manboy’, with an exact imitation of its Melodifestivalen performance! BRILLIANT! You can watch it here. Oh, and in case you were wondering, that lady to the right is Fredrick’s very popular alter-ego, Ursula! Yes, really. SUPER BRILLIANT!

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