Young Squage feat. Stockholm Syndrome: ‘Hysteria’

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The Stockholm Syndrome girls are back with their first new musical output as a duo – turning up as the featured vocalists on the new single from Stockholm based trio Young Squage (that’s LC, Lil-Dezy, and J West to their mates). Unexpected.

Far from it being a misplaced feature though, ‘Hysteria’ actually ties in most fittingly with what the Stockholm Syndrome girls have brought us before. As with ‘Pretty Girl’ and ‘Karma’, ‘Hysteria’ is another endearingly mental electrodance track with pop vocals and WTF breakdowns – quite literally in this case, each chorus is anchored by a breakdown which is heralded by an audible “WHAT. THE. FUCK“. Young Squage & Stockholm Syndrome turns out to sound a bit like & Britney Bitch. But with more actual singing, and with the SS girls sounding better than ever in the ol’ vocal department.

‘Hysteria’ is out now and has been released outside of Sweden too.



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