What’s big in Finland right now?!

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We always find it interesting to know what local music the Scandinavians are buying. So we regularly check their national single and album charts, as well as their iTunes charts too. Often you’ll find a brand new track and artist that you’ve never heard of before but completely fall in love with. A lot of the time you’ll find a lot of tripe that makes you wonder ”why?”! Most of the time, it’s somewhere in between those extremes. But either way, it’s always interesting to know what the homelands of some of the greatest music of all time is listening to and buying at this moment.

Here’s a snapshot of what Finland is downloading from iTunes this week;

finland flag

It seems that the UK isn’t the only territory lapping up genre integration in their charts. Is Aste the Finnish incarnation of Dizzee Rascal featuring Calvin Harris (with a bit of Daz Sampson thrown in!)? Probably not. But in the same way we’ve really quite enjoyed Dizzee Rascal’s most recent 2 collaborations that both hit number 1 in the UK, we rather like Aste’s very charming ‘Poikkeus Saantoon’. And isn’t the video just adorably cute?! This is currently at number 2 on the Finnish iTunes chart (being kept off number 1 by ‘Jai Ho’ by Pussycat Dolls).

We’d like this so much more if it had a lot more bass. The backing track is just a bit too subtle. It definitely needs a kick up the arse, but at least it’s got potential. And isn’t it heartening to see a gent releasing dance music as a single? No guitars for our Antti! As a result, his song ‘Juuret’ is the 5th most downloaded track in Finland this week.

Hmmm, we’re liking the music. But can’t shake the feeling that we’d much rather if it were a girlband singing over the top of it. That would be quite a good song wouldn’t it? Better than the new Sugababes single. The ACTUAL song by Cheek though, isn’t better than the new Sugababes track. But it’s at number 8 on iTunes.

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