What is OG Weed?

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OG weed (or OG Kush as it is popularly known) is a cannabis weed strain loved and enjoyed by many weed aficionados all over the world. In fact, it is one of the most popular THC-rich cannabis strains globally. OG weed was first grown in Florida about three decades ago, although it still remains a mystery as to exactly where this popular weed strain originated. 

There are many theories exploring the origin of OG weed, although researchers believe that OG Kush is a mix of Hindu Kush, Chemdawg strain, and a Northern-California weed strain. The mystery is perhaps because OG weed is considered a perfect weed strain with an almost balanced mix of sativa and indica along with optimal THC levels. 

OG weed boasts a unique aroma and a near-perfect blend of terpenes. It is used to alleviate symptoms of several medical conditions including stress. If you ask many weed lovers “What is OG marijuana?”, they will tell you that it is a weed strain that provides the most relaxed feeling. In this post, we are going to look into detail OG weed. 

What does OG Kush stand for?

Many cannabis strains have been labeled ‘OG’. In fact, OG weed is where that name originated. Many believe OG is an acronym for “Original Gangster”, an old weed strain while others think OG stands for “Ocean Grown”. However, the dispute over the name has not stopped many people from enjoying this popular weed strain.  

Regardless of the different answers to the question “What does OG Kush stand for?”, the fact still remains that OG weed is one of the most authentic weed strains. So popular is the OG weed that it has been used to produce other weed phenotypes including Ghost OG, Tahoe OG as well as the SFV OG. Many weed users cannot actually answer the question: “What is OG weed?”. However, they can tell you of its authenticity from its unique aroma and taste. 

What are the common effects and benefits of smoking OG weed?

OG weed is usually used for medicinal purposes as it gives users a relaxed feeling. If you have been suffering from depression and anxiety, a few puffs of these weed strains can help relieve these conditions and even improve your confidence when around others. Just like many other weed strains, smoking OG weed can make you feel hungry. If you have been struggling with a loss of appetite, you can set yourself back on track by using this weed strain. 

If you have been having constant headaches, OG weed can help get rid of this in minutes as well. It is recommended that you smoke OG weed in the afternoon when you are relaxed doing nothing and not with a group of friends and some snacks. Several popular cannabis strains have been introduced, but still, OG weed has stood its ground as one of the most popular weed strains. 

Cultivating OG weed

OG weed is one of the most challenging crops to cultivate as it is highly susceptible to pests and disease. For the best yield, you need to grow OG weed in an environment you can easily monitor. OG weed is mainly affected by mildew, mites, bugs, and some diseases but these can easily be monitored in a controlled environment. All in all, regular care and monitoring can keep your plants healthy until they are ready for harvest. 

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