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Reassuringly, Velvet is obviously a popstar who works by the mantra; ‘‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’’. Well it certainly isn’t broke and she definitely hasn’t fixed it – her new single ‘Come Into The Night’ is a logical continuation from her last single ‘Take My Body Close’. She’s once again adopted the sound of the noughties dance producer emulating the eighties rock anthem. Think ‘Call On Me’ by Eric Prydz, ‘In The Heat Of The Night’ by Star Pilots, ‘I’ll Be Ready’ by Sunblock, or ‘Waiting For A Star To Fall’ by Sunset Strippers/Cabin Crew. Think of lots of dramatic thuds, whooshes, and drums. Think of the type of song guaranteed to cause arms aloft abandon on the less self conscious dancefloor. Think of…well…’Take My Body Close’!


The song has already been serviced to Swedish radio and has been on the airwaves for a week now. There are radio rips all over www.youtube.com, so you can check out the track there. We’re glad to hear another single from Velvet, and a brilliant one at that. But it was quite a surprise to hear a new single from her less than two month before she’s due to participate at Melodifestivalen 2009 with new song ‘The Queen’. However, it’s a very smart move. Not only will viewers be extra familiar with Velvet when they see her perform next month, but it’ll be yet another song that can be used to sell the forthcoming second album when it’s released after Melodifestivalen (it can now be promoted with ‘Come Into The Night’, ‘Take My Body Close’, ‘The Queen’, ‘Fix Me’, ‘Chemistry’, ‘Déjà Vu’, and ‘My Rhythm’. What a trooper!!!


7776154On top of the impending success in Sweden, Velvet is also coming to the US and UK! ‘Chemistry’ was soft released at the end of last year by Robbins Entertainment in the US, but will be receiving a bigger push in the coming months. A video has just been filmed in London for the single. The saucy sleeve for the release is pictured left. And in the UK, ‘Chemistry’ has been picked up by Positiva, the subsidiary of EMI who also released the debut UK solo single from fellow Swede Therese. No release date has been set yet though. Also, ‘Take My Body Close’ was played at legendary London gay club, G-A-Y @ Heaven on Saturday. Granted, we requested it, but still – it got a good reaction and there were a fair few who recognised its greatness!!!

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