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There’s a new poppet that’s been buzzing around underground in Sweden for the larger part of this year. Gaby is her name and so far she’s put out two rather good electropop gems. It’s definitely the poppier side of electropop though, even though her image portrays a more indie kind of singer. Both tracks, ‘Break It Up’ and ‘My Show’ come equipped with an electro vibe, but an unashamedly pop chorus. Our favourite of the two though is ‘My Show’. Probably because Soundfactory have done a higher bpm embracing radio edit which we’ve become quite addicted to!

So far, both singles have been released, but not to any level of commercial success. However, we do know that she’s currently working with a set of Swedish songwriters (Mathias Venge and Peter Wennerberg) who’ve previously had a hand in making hits for the likes of Shirley Clamp, Amy Diamond, Ana Johnson, Bellefire, oh, and Britney Spears. So we’re hoping that more of the same emerges from Gaby soon.

You can listen to both songs on her myspace, but we’d also recommend that you watch both mega budget videos that she’s embedded on the page too!


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