We Always Have, Always Will, release Greatest Hits albums!

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Wandering around Stockholm shops on Saturday morning, we found ourselves in the New Release section of a music store and were AGOG to see that yet another Ace of Base Greatest Hits album has been released! This is their fifth now, at least. Meaning that they’ve actually had more compilations released than they have had actual studio albums! We know the material is amazing in every single way, but come on!!!

Nevertheless, it’s being lapped up in certain parts of Scandinavia. It spends a second week at number 6 on the albums chart in Norway. And it peaked at number 26 three weeks ago in Denmark. Their native Sweden seems to have ignored it completely though, and it hasn’t yet dented their charts.

Here’s the sleeve and tracklisting;

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Disc 1
1. All That She Wants 3:32
2. The Sign 3:10
3. Beautiful Life 3:39
4. Life Is A Flower 3:46
5. Lucky Love 2:54
6. Always Have, Always Will 3:45
7. Wheel Of Fortune 3:54
8. Don’t Turn Around 3:49
9. C’est La vie (Always 21) 3:28
10. Beautiful Morning 3:01
11. Happy Nation 3:33
12. Ordinary Day 3:23
13. Living In Danger 3:12
14. Cruel Summer 3:35
15. Unspeakable 3:14
16. Hallo Hallo 2:52

Disc 2
1. Wheel Of Fortune 2009 3:45
2. The Sign (The Remix) 5:42
3. Never Gonna Say I’m Sorry (Sweetbox Funky Mix) 6:48
4. Cruel Summer (Soul Poets House Bust) 3:43
5. Life Is A Flower (Soul Poets Night Club Mix) 5:19
6. All That She Wants (Madness Version) 3:34
7. Lucky Love (Raggasol Version) 2:55
8. Beautiful Life (Lenny B’s House Of Joy Club Mix) 6:57
9. Happy Nation (Moody Gold Mix) 4:01
10. C’est La Vie (Always 21) (Remix) 3:57
11. Living In Danger (D-House Mix Short Version) 4:04
12. Travel To Romantis (Love To Infinity Master Mix) 7:22
13. Hallo Hallo (Dub) 4:47
14. Megamix (Long Version) 7:21

A ‘Hallo Hallo’ DUB?!

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