Wasteland: ‘40,000 Feet Off The Ground’

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The most recent series of X Factor in Denmark has produced a boyband. And here we have their debut single, ‘40,000 Feet Off The Ground’.

The series wrapped up last weekend, and the boys came in a respectable third (after these two). However, like the top 2, they also get given a song to call their own, and to release it the following day.

‘40,000 Feet Off The Ground’ isn’t the up-tempo One Direction pastiche you would expect (or at least we expected) from an X Factor boyband in 2013. Instead, it’s a mid-tempo, guitar based, semi-ballad. One of those really melodic ones that sticks in your head after only one listen, and is immensely hummable. It’s pretty bloody good. And actually, even better than the singles released by the two artists that finished above them.

Sing along now;

40000 Feet Off the Ground - Single - Wasteland


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