Who? Norwegian artist Sivert Brendmoe – or Trevis as he shall be know as for the purposes of a popstar career. He’s out with a brand new single ‘Honey’, and a music vid which he is premiering on Scandipop today (directed by Isaac Yowman).
What’s ‘Honey’ like? A laidback and breezy pop song that’s been funked up thanks to some heavy influences from dance-friendly r&b. An infectiously feelgood track.
What does Trevis say? “’Honey’ is the final chapter in the story of the same girl that was ‘Hard To Get’, because she was ‘Paranoid’ after a previous relationship. After I assured her that I ‘Ain’t The One’ that was going to treat her bad like the last guy, she gave me some ‘Honey’, lol”.
Am I missing something here? You need to check out his first three singles – ‘Hard To Get’, ‘Paranoid’, and ‘Ain’t The One’, clearly.

You can find ‘Honey’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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