What’s this? The brand new single from Swedish newcomer SVEA. It’s ‘Selfish’, and follows on from the brill debut that she released earlier in the year, ‘Don’t Mind Me‘.
What does SVEA say? “I’ve been in a relationship where I totally lost myself. You know the feeling of being codependent, when you don’t even know who you are without the other person? That’s exactly what I mean. So the thing is that most people choose to break up when this happen. But ‘Selfish’ is more about working on yourself and find out who you are on your own, so that in the end, your relationship can grow stronger. And also, being a little bit selfish sometimes is not all bad”.
What does Scandipop say? When an artist’s second single turns out to be even better than their incredible debut, we get very excited about it. We’re very excited right now.
Written by? SVEA herself, along with Celine Svanback, Jeppe London Bilsby and Lauritz Emil Christiansen.

You can find ‘Selfish’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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