What’s this? The super-fun music vid for the latest single from Swedish artist SVEA. ‘All My Exes’.
What’s it like? A straight-to-the-point, all-laid-out-bare number on which SVEA displays an engaging knack for storytelling via a catchy pop tune.
What does SVEA say?You may think you did everyone right in your past relationships, but you might as well have been the villain in their world. There are always two sides of a coin. I find that I have also done wrong and that my exes probably do not think I have been an angel in all situations“.
Written by? SVEA herself, along with Ryan Meaney, Nick Hahn, Nathan Lambert, Alec McGarry and Anton Hård af Segerstad.
More from SVEA? An EP is arriving later this year.

You can find ‘All My Exes’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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