VIDEO: Subwoolfer – ‘Worst Kept Secret’

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New music from Subwoolfer just dropped. And new intel, too! Well, perhaps not so new intel. Toying with the idea that the true identity of space wolves Subwoolfer is a wide-open secret, the duo took the opportunity to mark the one-year anniversary of their Melodi Grand Prix win by… unmasking! Using the occasion of the 2023 Melodi Grand Prix final, the pair performed an interval act of new single ‘Worst Kept Secret’ and their Eurovision Song Contest hit ‘Give That Wolf A Banana’ – during which the wolves de-skinned, as it were. Now, obviously it’s crazy that any intergalactic canine still feels the need to do this in 2023, and there’s a broader conversation we need to be having as a society – but bravo to Ben Adams and Gaute Ormåsen for having the bravery to come out as human beings.

Spotify: The Best New Scandipop 

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