VIDEO: Smith & Thell feat. Swedish Jam Factory – ‘Forgive Me Friend’

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What’s this? The brand new single from Swedish duo Smith & Thell. ‘Forgive Me Friend’, featuring Swedish Jam Factory.
Swedish What What?! Swedish Jam Factory (formerly known as Swedish Gun Factory – thank Christ they had the good sense to remedy that) are a duo of Swedes themselves. Multi-instrumentalists and dancers too, while they’re at it.
And what’s the song like? The most upbeat and jovial of ridiculously catchy folk-pop songs. It’s QUITE the romp, this one.
What do Smith & Thell say? “The song is about a friendship that went sour. About being young and naïve and thinking that you’re never going to change. About falling down a black hole and not having the energy to take care of those who mean the most to you, and still looking back afterwards thinking you should’ve acted differently, even though you know it’s too late.”
Written by? Two of the most wonderfully talented musicians we have in the world right now. Maria Jane Smith and Victor Thell.

You can find ‘Forgive Me Friend’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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